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Although we specialise in performance cars, we take great pleasure in ensuring that all of our customers' vehicles are properly maintained and serviced.

We have built up a loyal customer database over the years of hundreds of people who trust us with their car servicing every year.

We Invest In Our Equipment and Staff To Ensure We Remain At The Forefront of Vehicle Servicing

We consistently invest in the latest equipment, and our staff regularly receive training to keep up with the latest developments and technology within the industry. Having your car professionally serviced is one of the best ways to ensure your car runs smoothly for many years to come.

At Power Engineering, we offer both interim and major servicing; we will always stamp your service book to ensure that you have a full and complete service history, which will increase your resale value, when the time comes to sell your car.

Car Servicing

Interim services include oil changes,an oil filter change and a full 30 point inspection.

On the other hand, the major service includes an oil change, spark plug replacements, all filters, and an in-depth 70 point inspection. If we discover any advisories, we will always notify our customers of them, along with the appropriate advice. However, we will never undertake any work without the express permission of you, the customer, nor will we advise any work we do not feel is necessary.

Car Engine With Problems For Diagnostics
At Power Engineering, our competitive service packages can save you significant amounts of money and prevent potential car problems from occurring.

Why Does My Car Need a Service? - What Are The Main Benefits?

During a service, the engine oil and the oil filter are replaced because, over time, the quality and viscosity of the oil will deteriorate which will then provide less protection. Additionally, when your vehicle frequently completes only short journeys, the amount of condensation of water in the oil can increase dramatically, which can then cause blockages. By replacing the oil, this problem is eliminated, and a new filter ensures that the new oil will receive the protection it requires.

Replacing the spark plugs is essential for the performance of a petrol engine. As spark plugs perform the task they are designed for, they are subjected to high temperatures and constant pressure, which means that over time they will deteriorate. Defective spark plugs can also cause worsening emissions, an increase in your overall fuel consumption, and misfires.


At Power Engineering, our competitive service packages can save you significant amounts of money and prevent potential car problems from occurring.

If you live in or around Uxbridge, then we don't believe you will find a better company to entrust your car servicing to. Your car is vital to your everyday life, don't risk getting it serviced anywhere else.

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